Want more Emerson Theater Collaborative (ETC)? Have fun, boost your theatrical expertise and insights, and meet folks who love the ETC experience—just like you—with our supplementary programs! Geared for aspiring actors, playwrights and adults who love theater, most programs are free, last one to two hours, and are held at ETC’s 23 Willow Street, Mystic, site.

For program times, dates and details call 860-705-9711 or email us today at education@emersontheatercollaborative.org.

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Community Talks. Glean all you can about the underlying social issues of any upcoming performance in a stimulating pre-show discussion with professionals and experts in the field.

Talk Backs. Linger after specially-designated performances for a post-show Q & A with our cast and crew. The observations and conversation are lively, thoughtful and abundant.

The Story Behind the Play. What inspires ETC’s choice of a play? How do we marry up the theme to today’s social issues? Discover the answers and share your thoughts in these friendly, interactive, invitation-only events, which take place each April and October. Want in? Become a patron or corporate partner and enjoy a bounty of additional benefits.

The Collaboration Series. Connect and collaborate with like-minded community partners, playwrights and directors to talk about social issues affecting our community, and take action to make a positive difference for people who need it most. Join now—we’d love your company!

The Play-writing Series. Calling all teens 12 to 17! Love the idea of writing and staging your own short play? Join us this fall for an exciting new program that shows you the ropes and much more. Stay tuned for details!

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