Suicide is a national epidemic.

Mental illness, depression, bullying, sexual orientation, financial problems, employment issues, low self-esteem, cultural identity, poor relationships—without care and intervention, there are many paths to suicide.

Maybe you know someone at risk but they brush off your questions or concerns. Maybe you need support but are too scared to ask. Or perhaps you want to saves lives but aren’t sure how. Emerson Theater Collaborative’s (ETC) I Am Worthy educational program can help.

 Young Adults 12 to 24

You’re not alone. Join us. Take our hand and discover the gentle, nourishing power of performing art to help you find your way to the affirmation and understanding you seek.

In this monthly 2-hour program you increase your awareness of suicide, its affects and prevention through role playing. Along with other young adults, you explore suicide’s many facets and discover ways you can support yourself and those you care about. Moderated by Josh Rivedal, the atmosphere is kind, inclusive and energizing. Call 860-705-9711 or email us today at info@emersontheatercollaborative.org, then sign up now to learn about our upcoming events.


We wish to no longer think of suicide as a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and by taking action to combat mental illness, bullying, and removing the stigma associate with this, we can help save a life. Our Veterans, teens, college students, and business professionals struggle with depression and other life issues, and feel there is no way out.





The Gospel According to Josh is a one man show directed by Brent Buell and written by Josh Rivedal. Featuring 15 characters and seven songs, it’s a tale about a small town boy who follows his dreams to Hollywood despite the tempestuous relationship with his pious father. Along the way he navigates his religious upbringing and escape to New York, his starring roles in two reality television shows and, ultimately, his father’s tragic suicide.

If your organization would like to book The Gospel According to Josh, contact Tony Evans at tony@skookumhill.com today for more information.

You can make a difference!

Parents, schools, churches, organizations and business leaders—help foster and implement a permanent conversation about suicide in our local communities. By sponsoring ETC’s I Am Worthy programs, you help save lives and make a lasting difference for youngsters and adults alike.

Don’t wait—call 860-705-9711 or email us today at Info@emersontheatercollaborative.org. Want to learn more about ETC and be the first to know about our special events? Sign up now for our free email updates

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