Rent Our Space

Emerson Theater Collaborative is a proud member of the Sedona Arts Academy. SAA has a wonderful indoor space with all the accoutrements required for professional meetings, workshops, events and theatrical productions. The space is available for rentals immediately including, but not limited to, use of portable staging, lighting, sound system, screens and a baby grand piano.

Please visit SAA’s website for more information about space rental.

stage's highlights

What Makes this Stage Special

  • House Capacity: 1,509 seats, 8 permanent wheelchair
  • Main Stage: 45’wide x 26’ deep
  • Proscenium: 45’ wide x 22’ high
  • Wings: Stage Right 13’ wide x 26’ deep; Stage Left 16’ wide x 26’ deep
  • Orchestra Pit: 39’wide x 13’ deep; 5’ below stage; Capacity 25
  • Full theatrical lighting and sound equipment
  • Five dressing rooms, Green Room and restrooms
  • On-site laundry facilities
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