PRUDENCE: A Staged Reading

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written by Stephan Lanfer
directed by Theresa Broach
produced by Lisa Giordano
Sponsored by Otis Library
Sponsored by The Elise Brown Fund

Prudence Crandall and student in backgroundIn the1830s, two-dozen black girls traveled to rural Connecticut seeking an education. They met insults, violence, and threats of whippings. Their white teacher, Prudence Crandall, was jailed, and the ensuing trials nearly forced the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on whether nonwhites were citizens. Prudence traces this story through the eyes of Julia Williams, a young black woman, who visits the Prudence Crandall Museum. Initially, Julia is angered by what she sees as yet another "white savior" story, but as she, a friend, and her mother assume the roles of their 1830s counterparts, they find their place in this still unresolved narrative – then and now.